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Oz Natural - Youth Eye Gel (15m)

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Oz Natural

Youth Eye Gel: Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid eye gel 

(15 ml)


Our eyes say a lot about us.

* Lack of sleep

* A proliferation of stress and poor diet can all affect the way our eyes look. Puffiness, bags, and dark circles do not show us at our best.

Also, sun exposure and the inevitable aging process contribute to crow's feet and even wrinkles on the upper lid. This is why OZNaturals has created hyaluronic acid eye cream.

This advanced anti-aging eye gel for wrinkles is designed to address the most common and challenging eye area concerns:

  • Fine lines

  • Under eye circles

  • Loss of tone

  • Crow's feet

With its silk amino acid and aloe base, the hyaluronic acid eye gel is a brilliant multi-tasker, providing a perfect base for makeup application, while delivering outstanding moisturizing capabilities. State of the art peptides help to deliver more youthful looking skin.

The lightweight peptide eye gel will not clog pores and does not contain potentially irritating fragrance or alcohol.

Super Youth Eye Gel benefits all skin types and is ideal for men, too. Daily use produces both immediate benefits and provides long-term results. Super Youth Eye Gel is your secret weapon in the fight against aging.