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      Lime crime

      Venus lll eyeshadow palette

       يصبح Grunge جميلًا مع أحدث لوحة Venus ، التي تتميز بظلال وتشطيبات جديدة تضيء طوال الطريق إلى السماء وراءها.
      صندوق الخزامى والذهب الوردي الحالم مزين بزهرة فينوس نفسها.

      Grunge gets pretty for the latest Venus palette, featuring new shades and finishes that beam all the way to the skies beyond.

      The heavenly sister of the grunge palette has descended from above.

      The dreamy lavender and rose gold box is graced with Venus herself.

      5 Finishes:
      • Matte: Buttery smooth and totally matte.
      • Shimmer Matte: Matte with a flash of shimmer.
      • Iridescent Shimmer: Pearly with a high-beam rainbow effect.
      • Glow: Soft, luminous finish. Not satin, not shimmer. It's glow!
      • Metallic: Ultra-shiny shimmer!
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